How to Deal with Social Anxiety.

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Have you ever gone to a party, event, or social gathering where you didn’t really know many people and as soon as you walked through the doors felt extremely uncomfortable? I mean so uncomfortable that the only thing you could think about in that moment was what kind of excuse you'd be able to come up that would justify your intense desire to turn right around and high tail it out of there? And did that feeling stay with you to the extent that next time you were offered an invitation to an event, you were [...]

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How to Get Through Rejection.

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Can we just cut right to the chase and say that rejection is probably one of the worst feelings a person can feel? I mean, really? Is there any worse feeling? Rejection. Feels. Terrible. And it feels so terrible because we often take rejection personally – we believe that when we are being rejected it means there’s something fundamentally wrong with us, and because our deepest desire as human beings is to feel like we are actually good enough, rejection doesn’t really help us in that cause.   But, the truth is, we’ve all been rejected, and we’re [...]

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Don’t Bother With Your Daily Gratitude Practice – It’s A Waste of Your Time.

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You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it, we’ve all heard it: One of the biggest and most significant contributors to genuine happiness and fulfillment in life comes from being intentionally grateful. Have an attitude of gratitude (if you will). And once word got out around the power of gratitude, the whole thing became all the rage. Everyone started following the trend of taking on a daily gratitude practice that typically goes a little something like this: “Start or end your day with 3 things you are grateful for and it will change your life.” Well, yes and no. But mostly [...]

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