Five Steps to Help You Reach Your Lofty Goals.

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Having ideas are great, having goals are extremely important, and being ambitious, determined, hardworking, and focused are all really solid and respectable qualities. But many of us make the mistake of becoming too ambitious and have too big of goals that we try to chew off in one giant bite, and soon realize it's much more than we can handle and end up giving up pretty quickly. And that NEVER feels good, or allows us to grow and flourish as individuals. That said, there are a few pretty simple and straightforward steps you can take [...]

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It’s About the Journey

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I seem to remember that a couple of years ago the idea of goal setting was all the rage. And now, I don’t really hear people talk about goal setting too too much. Maybe it was just a fad that was all wrapped up with ‘The Secret’ hype…. Remember that film that everyone talked about a few years ago claiming that if you want something just think about it a lot, focus on it constantly, and it will magically happen? I imagine many became disheartened by the paucity of grandiose dreams coming into fruition with [...]

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