Do you have someone in your life who often makes you feel small, inadequate, unworthy, irritated, stressed, overwhelmed, or who you find super triggering?

Don’t worry, you are so not alone…

The truth is, we ALL have at least one (or 2 or 10) difficult people in our lives – you know, the ones who can REALLY push your buttons and be totally frustrating and overwhelming to have to deal with?

And although you can keep your distance from some of them, you can’t always avoid each and every one.

There are often at least a few you can’t cut out because they may be family, a coworker, or someone you have to see on a regular basis…

Or it could be someone who may not always be hard to be around, but does have a bad habit or two or ten that drives you totally nuts.

But do you know the crazy thing?

All difficult people become a lot less difficult when you learn how to properly deal with them…

When you can learn exactly what to say and what to do to hold your ground and not get pushed around, without being rude or aggressive yourself.

I’m talking about learning how and when to respond to them in ways that leave you feeling calm, confident and in control.

In this 2 hour workshop you’ll learn how to deal with the difficult people in your life with simple, straightforward, empowering and effective strategies, tools and techniques.

The 7 most common types of difficult behaviours we’re going to be learning how to handle are:

  • Criticism and Judgement
  • Unfair Blaming or Playing the Victim
  • Being a Know-it-all or a Belittler
  • Constant Complaining or being a Negative Nancy
  • Guilt Tripping
  • Being Highly Demanding and Over Selfishness
  • Passive Aggressive behaviour

You’ll also learn:

16 Must-Know Tools to keep you feeling sane, confident and in control of yourself REGARDLESS of the difficult person you find yourself interacting with.

AND you’ll leave with many specific tools and strategies to effectively deal with each one of these behaviours.

Date & Time: Wednesday July 11th @ 11:00 am PT
(even if you can’t make it live, you’ll be sent the workshop recording to keep)

Registration now closed.

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