The Danger Of Taking On Other People’s Problems.

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Have you ever found yourself ready to pull out your hair because “that person just won’t listen to my advice,” or because “don’t they see how much they are hurting themselves by doing that,” or because “I can’t fathom how someone could be so irresponsible – it’s just too much!” But getting all akimbo and kerfuffled like this is almost totally unnecessary. And we do it because we feel responsible for other peoples' problems. We feel like we have to solve their problem or their life for them. We feel like we can’t possibly let [...]

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How to Ease Holiday Stress and Anxiety: 5 Great Strategies.

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Tis the season to often feel a little (re: a lot) overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. Part of the reason for this is because often times the Christmas Season comes with a whole lot of obligations, commitments, invitations, and engagements. There are presents to buy, parties to attend, open houses to show up at, baking to get done, guests to house, travelling to do and many, many other unspoken expectations to fulfill. It can be enough to make anyone lose their cool and have a freak out. Or 2. Or 10. Although it feels like you [...]