We’re on a mission to make investing in mental and emotional wellness something that is normal, and a priority for everyone.

We’ve created an approachable, modern and totally relatable style of therapy, workshops and programs that connect, make sense, and create important shifts for smart and intentional people like you.

Authenticity, connection and working toward solutions rather than focusing on problems is our priority – we want to get you unstuck, moving forward and feeling good so you can be who you were meant to be, show up how you were meant to show up, feel how you were meant to feel and have the life and career you were meant to have.

Since 2012 we have grown from a small counselling practice to a team of several mental health professionals who excel at what we do.

About Julia Kristina

From the moment Julia Kristina learned that there was such thing as a job where one could help another human being grow, heal and make changes that would transform their lives, and thus the lives of generations to come, she knew she had to do whatever it took to become a therapist.

Shortly after becoming a therapist, she realized that her love of therapy was followed closely by her love of teaching and public speaking – but being a mom of small children, wasn’t willing to spend her evenings and weekends at social and networking events to build out this part of her business, so she hopped online and started giving live mental wellness and personal development talks to what quickly became an audience of thousands of raving fans and followers that connected instantly with her honest, clear, yet easy and relatable way of communicating.

From there, she’s been invited to speak at regional and national conferences and on news segments as an mental wellness and mindset expert, has created her own suite of personal development courses, programs and seminars, and most recently, Julia and her Associates have began bringing their expertise to their local community through in-person corporate lunch and learns and day long or multi day workshops and trainings.

Julia believes that we need to stop shying away from looking at and talking about the deep things that make us tick (and tock) as human beings, and doing so doesn’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable.

“We can have real conversations about the deep things within us that we’re struggling with – but we don’t have to get weird about it. We all have thoughts. We all have emotions. And none of us have this humaning thing all figured out”

Julia’s is a world class therapist, teacher and speaker who has a natural ability to connect with both individuals and groups because of how she is able to bring deep conversations to the surface, and bring clarity to the complex things that make us perfectly imperfect beings.

“We all think there’s something wrong with us – so either we’re all right, or we’re all wrong. Either way, we’re in this together.”

Which brings it back to you.

If you think we can support you, your team, or your organization, we’re here, we’d love to chat, and we look forward to connecting with you.

Julia Kristina & Associates