Art Therapy

We all learn ways in which to cope with everything that is thrown at us each day. What works for one person may not work for another. And what has worked in the past, is sometimes not enough in the present. Have you been looking for new ways to shift your mood? Have you tried exploring your creativity?

I know, I know, “’creativity?’ Ha! I’m not an artist. NOPE, that’s definitely not for me!” Well actually, you may consider yourself a “non-creative” but if you can put pen to paper or press the shutter-button on a camera, guess what? You’re a creative.

Art offers us the unique opportunity to become completely immersed in self-expression. In doing so, we are able to calm our nervous systems and more easily access a mindfulness state.

So, be brave. Try these five art exercises for a simple way to access your creativity, to change your perspective, and to see a boost in your mood.

Remember, these art activities are all about the process of creating, rather than the aesthetic of the finished product. It is for nobody’s benefit but your own. You can be as messy or abstract as you like, no critiquing allowed!

Here they are:

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I am Ruth Andrews MCP:AT, a Registered Clinical Counselllor and certified Art Therapist working in Vancouver, BC. If you’d like to work with me individually, please feel free to get in touch.  

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