I think because I make it a pretty major priority to eat relatively healthy and get a decent amount of sleep, I tend not to get sick very often. BUT when I do, and when it’s bad, let me tell you, it is a whole lot of no fun. I hate feeling awful – funny I say that because I’m wondering if anyone actually does enjoy feeling awful?? Anyway, as awful as it is to feel awful, without fail whenever I feel this way I find myself thinking: “Oh boy I can’t wait to feel good again. I forgot, or maybe took for granted, how good it is to feel like my normal self. And as soon as I’m feeling better I’m going to get off my behind and get going on that intention that has been sitting idly as such for WAY too long.”

There’s something about being sick or out of commission in some way, shape, or form that can be a useful reminder of how good it feels to feel good. Sometimes we need a swift kick reminder of how much worse we could be feeling and how we could actually be in a state of not having the choice to do whatever it is we’ve been intending or wanting to do. It’s almost like an existential clarification of what is actually important to us in our lives, and it allows us to ask ourselves: “If I am physically and psychologically able to do what I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, then what, oh what I am letting get in my way?”