For many of us while growing up one of the best days of the year was that one day where the whole world seemed to centre around us, and that day was the ever anticipated birthday. Often the day was filled with cake and friends, parties and gifts, and a general sense of being really special and significant. Then, for some reason, as we got older, usually shortly after leaving our teens or early twenties, the day became less and less special, anticipated, and remarkable… All of a sudden people stopped caring as much that we were getting one year older, and didn’t really think it necessary to throw us parties, surprise us with gifts and greetings, and make a big deal out of our day. And I wonder why? As we get older do we stop having the desire to feel loved, celebrated, and as though we are the centre of at least some peoples’ universe… if not for only just one day? As we grow up, do we grow out of our love of blowing out candles and daring to wish?

I happen to think the opposite is true. As we get older, busier, and more involved with our jobs, housework, commitments, and obligations, life sometimes gets a bit grey and mundane. This is when the need for fun and celebration – whether it be celebrating ourselves or our loved ones – is most essential. This is the time when we need to feel like we’re valued and worth celebrating.

Why do we often find ourselves thinking “Oh, so and so is probably too old for a party and doesn’t want people to make a fuss.” And maybe for some that’s true, but I think for the majority of us we secretly want a fuss – a BIG fuss.

Ultimately we just want to believe we are worth the fuss.