Many of us believe that our worth depends on our behaviour… ‘The more I do, accomplish, achieve, the more worthwhile, valuable, significant I am.’ That sometimes bugger of an internal voice is relentless in telling us that in order for me to be of any value I must do something worthwhile and important.

I know you might not buy it for a second, but if you’ll humour me, the truth is that our value is found in the clear fact that we are conscious, and we can see, and we can experience. We are sophisticated, complex, and intricate miracles of creation.

The value of the human life is that it exists. C’est tout. There is really nothing we can do to earn our worth: I am therefore I am.

You are someone who is trying to live which makes you just as valuable as every other person who is trying to do the very same thing.

Not to say contributing to society and accomplishing things for ourselves and others is unimportant – quite the contrary! This is all very important, but not as a means to prove our value and worth, rather, as part of our life journey, our flow. What we do is an expression of living as opposed to a fight to justify our existence.