Last winter some colleagues and I made our way down to Anaheim California for the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference.  It was almost surreal when we received our workshop schedules a few weeks before the conference and I discovered many of the presenters were people who’s work I’d been reading and studying for years.  I know it sounds pretty dorky to those not in the psychology world, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little star struck.  Okay, A LOT star struck.

The highlight of the conference for me was definitely any and every presentation, workshop, discussion panel where either or both Scott Miller and Donald Meichenbaum were hosting.  These guys were able to both educate and entertain, a refreshing approach in the psychology world seeing as one might not automatically equate the word therapist with hilarious. go figure.

Watching them interact made me think of the Smothers Brothers… Remember them? I don’t really, but you get the idea.