How many of us have ever started a recreational project, activity, or hobby only to leave it haphazardly abandoned somewhere along the way? And then find its said incompleteness hanging heavily over our heads and haunting us to no avail?

And some days we even find ourselves lying in bed thinking “dang nabbit! Another day went by and I didn’t pick up that guitar that’s become a dust mite paradise over in the corner, or sign up for part 2 of that French course I started 3 years ago, or put the finishing touches on the scrap book I vowed to complete for baby number 2 (who’s now almost a teenager), or finish sanding and re-staining that antique Louis the XVI armchair I got for such a great deal on craigslist 8 years ago, or plant the last of the flowers in my efforts to achieve the perfect English Garden by spring (it now being almost fall).

And the incompleteness of it all makes us feel so awful and we keep vowing to ourselves we WILL get it done, but then we don’t and we don’t and we don’t. And there it stays in its unfinished state with the now sole purpose of bringing up all kinds of guilt when we think about or notice it. 

Okay. So. Now I’m going to ask you: What is the whole point and purpose of having hobbies, interests, and projects outside of our working hours for us to engage in and spend time on? What do you think?

I’ll tell you:

The whole point and purpose of them is for fun. For fun, pleasure, enjoyment, engagement and fulfillment. That’s it.

So, why aren’t you working on it or getting it done? And don’t tell me it’s because you don’t have time, because we always find time for the things that are most important and rewarding to us.

It’s because, for some reason (and it doesn’t really matter why), it’s no longer giving you the pure pleasure it once was. It’s lost it’s luster, it’s sparkle, if you will. 

And this is what you NEED to do about it: You need to stop it. Just stop it. 

You need to throw it away, give it away, or put it away.

Just get rid of it so it’s not sitting there in the corner of the living room looking all smug and making you feel all kinds of burdened and uncomfortable.

Remember when we said the sole purpose of a hobby is purely for our own pleasure and enjoyment? And if it’s not giving you that anymore, seriously, what’s the point in having it around to just to be hanging there over your head? It’s almost completely ridiculous.

IF you are one of those people who thinks to themselves “Well…. Maybe ONE day I’ll get back to it.” And you just can’t bear the idea of the regret that may come one day after throwing it in the dumpster?

Then JUST for that one or two abandoned projects you are allowed to put them away. But far, far back into the closet or basement. Way out of your sight and out of your thoughts. So ONLY if one magical day you wake up and say “today is the day I will finish knitting that sweater or go back to the climbing gym” you can riffle through the back of the closet and pull out that necessary gear (wow, saying “gear” when referring to knitting supplies makes it sound super badass).

Oh, and if you think you’re going to feel like a failure if you give in to the reality that you are NEVER going to finish that half-done project that’s been laying there for months if not years:

To that I say, isn’t it way more of a failure to waste what precious time you do have for fun and engagement on something that is not even giving you that?

Or worse, spending your time fretting about how or why you’re NOT getting it done? The point is, you’re not doing it because you don’t want to. So don’t. Who cares! Who said you HAVE to?

And now your mission, should you chose to accept it: Think about what hobbies or recreational projects you started, but didn’t finish, and if you’re honest with yourself, probably never will. And either throw it away, give it away, or put it away. Clear the space in your home and in your mind and make room for another fun activity that is actually, well, fun.

The same goes for books and movies. Just because you start one, if you don’t like it and plow through it just for the sake of completing it, that’s time you’re NEVER getting back.

Life is short. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it unnecessarily.

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