fortune 2Over this past week I have found myself trotting from one thing to the next to the next – perhaps a little too much trotting if you ask me, but needless to say it has been quite the busy week. So much so, that the time to contemplate what I wanted to blog about this week has not so much as entered into my realm of consciousness… until now.

Just as I was about to do a little bit of research to find something interesting to write about I pulled out my little after-lunch-sweet-morsel, which today happened to be a left over fortune cookie from some Chinese take-out over the weekend, and HERE is what my fortune read: ‘Your belief in the goodness of mankind will be rewarded.’ Funny how. It was JUST this morning that I was working with a client who was having a hard time seeing any of the good in his life, which then led us to spending some time discussing and working on choices in perspective and what we chose to focus on. Working on being more intentional about seeing our glass as half full can have a huge impact on our happiness and well being – and yes, I do realize it’s sometimes easier said than done. Like most things that we  get good at though, it takes patience, practice, and persistence.

I know I’ve said this before, but I will say it again: One of the most amazing parts of my job, for which I am truly grateful, is being blessed with seeing people for who they really are. Seeing each man and woman I work with in their honest, truest, and most transparent selves apart from all the faces, masks, personas, and protections that we put up for others as we go through this big world. And I have to say, I have yet to work with anyone who was willing and able to show me their true selves that I did not find deeply beautiful, lovable and profoundly special. I’ll say it again, I am blessed.

Now I realize I have a big advantage because most people don’t get to see what I see in others, so sometimes it can be a little more difficult to see the goodness in people when pushing and shoving to get onto a bus that is 2 passengers away from being full, but there really is goodness there in all of us. Yes, ALL of us. If you’re having a hard time seeing the goodness in others, start with yourself. See the goodness in yourself. We all have it, so believe me, it’s there. Either way, if you find it easier to see the goodness in others, start with that, and you will undoubtedly find it easier to see the goodness in your self. And vice-verse; if you’re feeling a little jaded to the world and have a bit of an easier time seeing the goodness in yourself – start there, and soon you’ll notice it being a little less challenging to see the goodness in the guy in front of you who just let the door slam in your face. Then, in the words of the wise, all-knowing cookie, You too will be rewarded.