Have you ever felt that it is your job to make everyone around you happy no matter what the cost is to you? And if they’re not happy, it is your fault and up to you to make them better?

Don’t worry, you are so not alone, I’ve been there too and people pleasing is no joke. And it can be hard to stop people pleasing because we’re often worried that people won’t like us if we don’t do everything they want all the time.

Not to say that taking care of other people is a bad thing – it’s not. But when you’re constantly taking care of everyone else’s needs, and not respecting or even considering your own, it has a harmful effect on you.

There is absolutely a difference between being a kind and caring person and being a people pleaser, and in this episode of GoodForMeTV, we’re going to talk about why people pleasing is not at all good for you and how you can stop being a people pleaser without feeling guilty.