Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Why do so many of us get stuck in self criticism and negative self talk?

Do we think that if we are hard enough on ourselves for any misstep, failure or imperfection that it will miraculously cause us to have better self esteem and self confidence?

But the thing is, most of us don’t even realize how dangerous our critical self talk is. In fact, it can make our mental health struggles with anxiety and depression a whole lot worse, not to mention the extra pressure and stress it puts on us to think we need to have it all together all the time. To help deal with this one, the advice often given is “be more self-compassionate,” which sounds lovely and nice, but what does it even mean?

In this video I teach you exactly what you can start doing right away to stop this inner critic in it’s tracks and start feeling happier, less stress and better about yourself… even, and especially, when you are not perfect.