If you ever get stuck in overthinking a situation or struggling with intrusive thoughts this video is going to help you create space between you and your thoughts using the skill of cognitive diffusion. Using this skill is going to allow you to see beyond your thoughts instead of getting stuck in whichever one happens to pop into your brain. Intrusive thoughts can be confusing, disturbing or painful and they can make you think there’s something deeply wrong with you or that you are losing your mind – but neither of those things are true.

Intrusive thoughts are something many, if not most people experience and they can be related to OCD, but they can also just come out of nowhere. Overthinking is something that you might be dealing on its own, or it can also be associated with intrusive thoughts – especially if you find yourself stressing, obsessing or overthinking your intrusive thoughts.

In this video I’m going to teach you how to not get so caught up in either your intrusive thoughts or your tendency to overthink things by learning to create space between yourself and your thoughts using a skill called Cognitive Diffusion.