Last week we started to talk about perspective and looking at ways to increase our happiness through positive and empowering choices. The focus was on what we can choose to do. But only if we want. This week I promised to go through the next 5.

SO without further ado…


6. TAKE OPPORTUNITIES TO EXPRESS GRATITUDE (Original: Give Up on Complaining): We all have things we can be grateful for, like certain people and situations in our lives, or other things that are good or decent or meet our needs. They don’t have to be big – the little things actually count for a lot. Difficult things happen and for some of us they happen too often, but it’s important not to let them drag us down too far, and choosing to be grateful in the midst of difficulty can make a big difference with the happiness factor.

7. TAKE THE TIME TO OFFER PRAISE (Original: Give Up the Luxury of Criticism): If you recognize some thing you like or appreciate about someone – tell them!! This one gives us twice the bang for our buck because doing so will make the other person feel good, and then we can’t help but feel good for making someone else feel good. Everyone wins.

8. ACCEPT AND CELEBRATE THE REAL YOU (Original: Give Up Your Need to Impress Others): Once we can figure out a way to learn to like ourselves (and I’m not saying this is an easy one) it’s amazing how much other people start to be drawn to us and like us too.

9. TAKE OPPORTUNITIES TO BE OPEN TO CHANGE (Original: Give Up Your Resistance to Change):  Change can be hard but if we can weather the sometimes uncomfortable transition period, what’s waiting on the other side is often worth our effort.

10. EMBRACE OPPORTUNITIES TO DEVELOP UNDERSTANDING (Original: Give Up on Labels): At first impression, sometimes some people, places, or situations seem weird, different, or uncomfortable. If we can allow ourselves to dig a little deeper and learn a little more, we may be pleasantly surprised by how the newness can expand our minds and enrich our lives.

Stay tuned for the grand finale (the final 5) in next week’s post.