It seems so easy to focus on what we lack (in skill, ability, material possessions, intelligence, relationship status, etc.) – in fact most of us might consider ourselves experts in the practice. Why are we so good at dwelling on the shortcomings and at the same time sometimes struggle to see the goodness? Is it just human nature? Social conditioning? Parental modeling? Mass media marketing? Whatever the reason, most of us are darn near experts in the art of the ‘if only.’

In order to tip the balance a bit the other way, we have one day a year where we are intentionally reminded to reflect on what we are grateful for. On this day we are given the opportunity to give thanks for that which we do have, and good gracious most of us have a lot! I’ve talked about perspective before and how we do have choices about which perspective we are going to take in a given situation. We can chose to see the positive, the things we are grateful for, and the reasons to be thankful. Not to condone a societal attitude change to that of Polly Anna or anything (that would get a bit nauseating), but maybe just a conscious reminder to ourselves to be grateful from time to time – just to help even out the playing field.