As promised the continuation from last time, here they are:


1. Experience Rejection without Blaming Yourself: You know it and I know it. Rejection is painful. It’s like stubbing your big toe. It often causes our self-esteem to be wounded as a result. What many of us do then, is kick ourselves when we’re down: we blame and criticise ourselves and are quick to tell ourselves why we’re no good and not worthy of success or acceptance. All this does is make us feel even worse and also makes it that much harder to heal and move on from the big disappointment. What we need to be doing is acknowledge and accept the pain we are feeling and then remind and reaffirm why we are valuable and recall to ourselves the many good and positive qualities that we have and why it’s important to have those qualities.

2. Know When to Speak Up: Learning to deal effectively and productively with conflict is an incredibly important skill for all relationships in our lives – both personal and professional. Most of us are good at coming up with reasons to not address our thoughts and concerns because let’s face it, conflict is rarely comfortable and hardly ever fun, but practicing and learning how to do it in a calm, respectful, and assertive way will ultimately make life much easier and it will make you much happier. It’s no surprise that rarely does it bode well over time to stuff and stomp down our feelings, thoughts and perspectives – especially when we feel they are quite important and valid. Furthermore, in our personal lives it’s almost impossible to have close, connected relationships if we never express how we’re feeling. That said, it’s also important to pick your battles and know when something isn’t actually all that important and worth bringing up. Sometimes it is good to learn to let the issue go as well.

3. Don’t Wait For Happiness: Happiness is not just about being able to deal well with setbacks and crises. In reality, it’s more about being able to prioritize, seek out, and create positive and joyful experiences. Part of being adaptable is about being able to adjust yourself to find as many opportunities for meaning and joy in life as possible in any given situation. Seeking out, savouring and reflecting on positive experiences in whatever ways work best, and honestly it doesn’t really matter what that is, as long as it works for you, is what makes the big difference here.