What is Mindfulness? Is it all about doing mindfulness meditations and mindfulness exercises? Or is it a way of being. A general attitude or outlook on life?

And the answer is YES! It is both.

Being mindful is just a fancy way of saying being present. And because most of us don’t spend much time actually being present, or brains don’t always know how to do it on their own, which is why we have to practice it by being intentionally more mindful. In essence, mindfulness teaches us to slow down our brain, to be present.

To be right here, right now.

Much research has been done on mindfulness and it has been found to have some really significant mental and physical health benefits. As far as its impact on some of the most common mental health struggles, it has been found to help with depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and self-esteem issues.

And in this video I talk about exactly what mindfulness is and how you can start becoming more mindful right now, and get the mental, mindset, and physical health benefits from it… without having to sit cross legged on the floor chanting “om” for hours on end.