It donned on me part way through the day that because this past Wednesday was Canada day, the work week seemed to just slop by before I realized I had yet to write my weekly Good for Me article.

Now of course no one is forcing me to write one post each and every week – and I’m sure those of you who are waiting with baited breath for the moment I push the publish button are few and far between, but I made an unspoken commitment to myself to post one original article per week and it’s important for me to keep that commitment.

And I could give myself the excuse of “Well, you haven’t really had the time to do a whole lot of research and really think about and reflect on what you’re going to write this week, which means it likely won’t be that great, so you probably shouldn’t even bother.” And then I could just not do it. But would I rather not do it and let myself down? Or do it and just lower my expectation.

No, this article is not going to be anything ultra profound or revolutionary. But who says it needs to be? Many of us often mistakenly tell ourselves we have to Go Big or Go Home. And in its attempt to motivate and inspire this phrase can actually backfire and cause us to be much less effective, productive, and successful.

What if it’s better to sometimes just go medium? What if it’s okay to sit down and write, read, or study for only an hour if you don’t have the whole day available to do so? What if it’s okay to just go for a slow 30 minute jog instead letting the overwhelming idea of a full on boot camp power hour prevent you from working out at all? What if it’s okay to bring your partner home a smoothie or cookie every few times you grocery shop instead of a a big fancy and expensive present only once a year? What if it’s okay to give a somewhat interesting and informative presentation instead of pressuring yourself with the idea that you need to blow your colleagues away? What if it’s okay to invite friends over for take-out instead of not getting together at all because the idea of throwing a world-class dinner party feels to overwhelming? What if it’s okay to sometimes just let things be okay?

If we want to both reach our goals, be more engaged with our lives, and grow as individuals it’s important we allow ourselves to just do okay sometimes, and not think everything we do needs to be amazing or it doesn’t count.

If we expect ourselves to be outstanding and perfect in everything we can literally paralyze ourselves in to inaction with all kinds of excuses about why we shouldn’t even bother.

But it is worth the bother. Doing something is far better than doing nothing. Doing nothing does nothing in your pursuit to build your career, strengthen your relationships, or grow as an individual.

And you might be thinking: if it’s not perfect why make any effort at all? But to that I ask: Will you feel better if you do nothing or if you at least do a little something?

Now it might seem silly – no one is holding my fist to the flame and forcing me to fulfill my commitment to write one article per week, but it is something that is important to me and I don’t want excuses to think they are welcome to just show up and take over whenever they please.

I didn’t say each post had to be ground breaking – and I’m quite sure this one is not, but I’m okay with just being okay… for this week anyway.

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