Remember that time when that thing turned out to be not as bad as you thought it would? AKA – pretty much each and every time with pretty much each and every thing?

So what makes us worry our precious heads and hearts to pieces thinking about how things, circumstances, or experiences in our lives could go terribly awry, thereby causing us to lose sleep, fun, relationships and quality of life over?

The truth is, if we take a moment and reflect on it, often most situations in our lives go at least somewhat according to plan.

It’s true, though, sometimes they go slightly off course and every once and awhile they even go WAY off. Yet, even if and when stuff actually does totally hit the fan, we tend to be able to deal with it and handle it with some degree of dignity and poise, or at least we get through it without leaving too much of a mess behind.

Yet most of us get so wrapped up and caught in the “Oh my gosh, what if this happens???” mind spiral which then leads to quite unpleasant feelings of anxiety, worry, and fear.

If you think about it, how many times has life offered you something you absolutely could not handle?

For the majority of us, that count is quite low, if not non-existent. So what does Worry want us to believe? That for some unfounded, unproven, and mythical reason we are far more helpless, weak, and incompetent than we really are? Why does worry get to have all of that power of us? Who said it could?

Worry can debilitate and paralyze us to such an extent sometimes, but in reality rarely has any basis or justification for its presence in our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Give Worry the boot and say “buzz off!”  It’s big, it’s bold, and you’ll feel empowered.

Being able to say “Guess what, Worry? Things might get tough, might get challenging, and may not go exactly according to my plans or expectations, but I can handle it. I have many times before and there’s no reason I won’t again. I am strong, I am resourceful and I am capable” So take THAT, Worry.