Why It’s So Important To Care More About Each Other.

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Further to our last discussion in and around freedom of Expression found here and here, I received some really thoughtful feedback on my blog, here on LinkedIn and also in my personal email inbox. One such reflections that came to my inbox, so was thus not shared publicly, was from my dear Auntie Ruth Blaser. Ruth is such a deep, thoughtful, and passionate person who dedicates her life to the acceptance. love, advocacy, and inclusion of others in many different realms, and is an inspiration and role model to many. Here is what she had to [...]

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Does Freedom of Expression Mean Anything Goes?

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Are there, or should there be limits to free expression? Does having freedom mean we are exempt from being responsible for ourselves and for how our words - both spoken and written - and created images affect others? In an interesting article found here the Pope says states that freedom of speech is a fundamental human right and we have a duty to speak up for the sake of the common good. But what if what we're saying is not for the common good? What if it's actually to shame, ridicule, insult, and put down [...]

It’s More Important to Listen than to Give Advice.

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When is the best time to give advice? And the answer is… never. And by never, I mean not ever. Unless, of course, we specifically ask the person if they are looking for our thoughts or suggestions regarding their troublesome situation, AND they reply “yes!” or they explicitly request our advice (but even then the person rarely actually wants your advice – they just want you to fix their problem for them which, of course, none of us can actually do). You see, many of us believe in earnest that we are the experts on [...]

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