Foods That Help with Depression, Anxiety, Stress & Sleep

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Foods That Help with Depression, Anxiety, Stress & Sleep *I always suggest we get as many of our core nutrients from the food sources themselves. If you do supplement, please make sure you consult with a health professional (doctor, registered dietitian, naturopath etc.) before starting on a supplement regimen. Just because it’s natural, does NOT mean it’s safe. B VITAMINS - A deficiency in B vitamins can trigger depression. Foods rich in B vitamins include: Beef (I recommend the leanest cuts) Avocado Asparagus Almonds C VITAMINS - This vitamin protects our cells and increases immunity [...]

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How to Deal with Social Anxiety.

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Have you ever gone to a party, event, or social gathering where you didn’t really know many people and as soon as you walked through the doors felt extremely uncomfortable? I mean so uncomfortable that the only thing you could think about in that moment was what kind of excuse you'd be able to come up that would justify your intense desire to turn right around and high tail it out of there? And did that feeling stay with you to the extent that next time you were offered an invitation to an event, you were [...]

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Why Trying to be Fiercely Independent Will Leave You Wildly Unhappy.

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The other day on CBC Radio One they were talking about teen depression and how it’s on the rise in North America. Some stats say that approximately 20% of all teens will experience a major depressive episode before they reach their adult years. I find this information quite off-putting and disturbing and it's made me reflect on the why of it all. Why, in a nation where the majority of us have way more than anyone could ever want, let alone, need? Where we have freedom, food, and fresh water? Where we have education, elected government, and employment? Where [...]

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If You’re Feeling Anxious or Worried This Will Help.

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Anxiety is normal – and all of us have felt it to a certain degree at some point – some more than others, but knowing this doesn't exactly make it all that much more pleasant or enjoyable. What we know about anxiety is that it often comes from fear. The fear of something that could or might happen in the future regardless of how likely or realistic it is. But when we're in the middle of feeling that fear, it seems veryreal and actually quite likely to occur. And then sometimes we don’t even know [...]

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Zero Tolerance.

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Further to last week’s discussion, I’ve been learning more about that which seems to be contributing to the current state of our overly anxious society: and that is our ability (or lack thereof) to tolerate frustration. What I mean is, some things, sometimes, are not within our control, and we often aren’t able to manage every little detail, and things don’t always go exactly our way. Many of us have learned to lose our patience when things do not go as planned and thus often experience some greater or lesser (but often greater) degree of [...]

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Perspiring Unnecessarily.

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But what if Julia? What if???  I hear that a lot. In fact, I sometimes find myself saying that a lot. Does it seem like as a culture we have become a lot more anxious as individuals in the last decade or two? I don’t have any concrete stats or studies handy right now, but I have heard that we, in general, experience a higher degree of anxiety than generations before. I equate some of this to the paradox of choice: meaning that now, more than ever before, we have SO many choices in almost [...]

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