Merry Making.

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For those of us who find Christmas to be a joyful and special time of year, it can definitely also be quite a stressful and exhausting time of year. One of the things I like most about the Holidays is all of the food. Food everywhere. And the best part is that it seems to also be the one time of year when Turtles, Toblerone, and toffee pudding are acceptable choices for a lazy morning breakfast... alongside an eggnog latte of course. Tis the season of continuous consumption and often an excess of stress, so [...]

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Fa la la la la.

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Tis the season to be a little (read: A LOT) more stressed than usual (and for many of us, yes, many lovely emotions do come with the Christmas Season package as well). I read an article recently about stress management and although all of it was really useful, there was one section that stood out for me. It was Stress Management Strategy Number 1: Avoid Unnecessary Stress. A note before we begin: not all stress can (or should) be avoided – many situations DO need to be actively and responsibly addressed. However, there are, in [...]

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