Boundary Setting & Effective Communication Skills Bootcamp **CONTEST**

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In case you missed it on Periscope*, Julia Kristina Counselling is holding a contest for 1 exclusive seat in her Boundary Setting and Effective Communication Skills Bootcamp 6-week LIVE virtual coaching group. Contest closes at 2:00 pm PST on Saturday January 16th, 2016. Here are all the ways to get your name in the draw: You get 1 entry for: Visit Julia Kristina's Twitter page found here and RETWEET the official Bootcamp posters on her twitter feed Go to Julia Kristina Counselling’s Facebook Page found HERE and SHARE the Bootcamp posters. There are several posters on both Twitter and [...]

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Entrepreneurial Boundary Setting 101

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"Boundaries don’t mean you are mean. Boundaries mean you are clear."   I’m a therapist. And so my job is to care. But I also really do care, which is one of the big reasons I love my job so much. I get to earn a living doing something I genuinely love, and am so grateful for it every day. Part of what I do as well is give some of my knowledge and expertise away for free. I write this blog, I have given pro bono talks around my community, I have a YouTube [...]

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5 Things You Can Do To Become An Exceptional Listener.

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“We have two ears and one mouth. This is so we can listen twice as much as we speak.” –Aboriginal Wisdom Ahh communication. When we hear the word communication, the first word that usually comes to mind is ‘talking’. But that’s only the half of it. The other half is listening and that part often gets forgotten. And believe it or not, being a good listener is often more crucial to being an excellent communicator than talking. Most people can talk relatively well, but very few actually listen well. If you really want to stand [...]

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Not a Four Letter Word

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Here’s a little more on assertiveness. Like I said, I’m a big fan of this one. Learning to be assertive is probably one of the most useful communication tools I can think of. It can strengthen our relationships, reduce stress from conflict or having to “suck it up”, and it generally just makes one a happier person. Part of being assertive is learning how to say no. For many of us, no is basically a four letter word, and we try to avoid it at all cost by employing elaborately worded maybe’s or a yes [...]

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