Under Pressure.

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Here’s a conundrum: What I’m wondering is why we expect ourselves to be perfect when there’s really no such thing? When we do this, we only set ourselves up for a losing battle. Some of us put such high expectations on ourselves – expectations that are rarely, if ever, reachable and then we punish ourselves with feeling like inadequate failures when we can’t possibly reach our pretty much unreachable standards. I’ve talked to people who have almost literally been on the edge of a nervous breakdown because of all of the expectations they have of [...]

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Bound To Get Messy.

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Because we are bombarded with so many contradictory messages from society all the time many of us sometimes (or often) have an hard time feeling good about ourselves. We are told time and time again that in order to be a good person we must be equal and superior to others; generous and frugal; spontaneous and organized; assertive and easygoing… and the list goes on. It doesn't take long for it to become clear that no matter what we chose to do, we can't do it all and we can't be perfect, thus we’ll inevitably [...]

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In A Pickle.

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The difference between guilt and shame is as simple as “I did something bad” versus “I am something bad.” Now here’s the interesting part: those individuals who have a sense of worthiness, of love, and of belonging, versus those who are always wondering if they’re good enough, are not those who have things like beauty, social status, wealth, rank in corporate hierarchy, or are living in the most beautiful cities in the world, in fact, what separates those who have a strong sense of love and belonging and the people who really struggle for it [...]

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Picking Up the Pieces

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When we make choices that are obviously destructive and harmful – no matter how well we can justify them in the moment - they are more than likely to harm our bodies, our minds, and often our relationships, but also our psyches and our spirits. Bodies tend to heal more quickly, whereas the psychological repercussions of our choices are often longer lasting. It’s amazing to me how we can make a split second decision, and then be left to pick up the pieces for weeks, or months, or sometimes even years. Those who have used [...]

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