You Need to Fail. And I’ll Give You 3 Reasons Why.

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Several years ago, after my breakthrough aha moment when the clouds opened up and it became crystal clear to me that I was going to do whatever it took to become a therapist, I realized I first had to become someone who was qualified enough to apply to grad school to become a therapist. So I spent that next 2 ½ years taking pre-requisite courses, and studying my butt off to write the big grad school standardized (aka GRE) exam. Once I felt prepared enough to write said monstrous exam I paid the several hundred [...]

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Those Who Pursue Their Dreams and Those Who Don’t: The 3 Big Differences.

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All of us have dreams. But have you ever wondered why some of us pursue them and some don’t? Why do some people get out there and just go for what they want while the rest sit idly by on the sidelines wishing and hoping. Don’t get me wrong, there may be legitimately good reasons why some don’t pursue their dreams, but I have a feeling, no, in fact I know, many people don’t pursue their dreams for not very good reasons. And actually getting out there and pursuing ones dreams is not a matter [...]

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Five Steps to Help You Reach Your Lofty Goals.

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Having ideas are great, having goals are extremely important, and being ambitious, determined, hardworking, and focused are all really solid and respectable qualities. But many of us make the mistake of becoming too ambitious and have too big of goals that we try to chew off in one giant bite, and soon realize it's much more than we can handle and end up giving up pretty quickly. And that NEVER feels good, or allows us to grow and flourish as individuals. That said, there are a few pretty simple and straightforward steps you can take [...]

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Going Green.

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Here’s my take on New Years Resolutions. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly you can probably guess my opinion about this time of year’s most popular topic of conversation… Not a fan. Not because I think replacing bad habits with good ones is a terrible idea, but because of the way we tend to go about making our newly resolved metamorphoses. In essence, making grandiose and dramatic changes in a short amount of time is rarely effective… at least when it comes to long term sustainability. Believe it or not, human beings are extremely [...]

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Not All Created Equal.

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Continuing with the goal setting discussion, it might not quite cut it to just have goals – to just throw them out there willy nilly and hope they get done. Having some sort of goal design format will make the goal achievement much more likely. One of my favourites is the SMART goal. SMART is a handy little acronym for the 5 characteristics of well planned goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Oriented. Let’s look at this a little more thoroughly. Specific: The goal is clear and unambiguous. What are you going [...]

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