To Get Anywhere in Life, Here’s What You Need to Know.

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It’s easy to feel good when our businesses are booming, our health is in tip top shape, our friendships are feeling rewarding and connected, and our emotional well-being is intact. Anyone can believe in themselves and feel confident and happy under those circumstances. The real test, the real challenge, the real measure of centeredness and success comes when we experience failure. When things don’t work out. When stuff doesn’t go according to plan. When we get knocked down. And many of us often believe that the people who are out there and killing it in [...]

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The Vancouver Real Estate Market: Missed the Boat.

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It's SO easy to get caught up in things that are really rather menial, but in the moment seem like the BIGGEST DEALS EVER! Just last night I was boo hooing to my most patient, calm, and rational husband about how in the last 10 years Vancouver went from being an expensive city to a totally unaffordable city, real estate wise… at least if you’d rather a family of 4 NOT live in a 500 square foot apartment in a sort of dodgy area of town. I could go on about my discouragement and frustrations [...]

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There It Is

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I’ve been taking a little time off from the psych literature devouring reading over the last couple of weeks to re-focus my attention on a memoir manuscript written by an incredibly talented young writer that I had put aside a few months ago in order to complete some ‘mandatory work-related reading’. Needless to say then that lately I haven’t been consuming as much mental health and wellness information of which I am all to eager to pass along to you, my good and faithful readers. Thus I felt it necessary to do a bit of [...]

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