A Simple Exercise For Managing Anxiety

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In this video I talk about what anxiety is, and what one of the most important things we can build within ourselves is to help us overcome excess or unhelpful anxiety. I then teach you a simple mindset strategy you can use anytime you're having thoughts that are making you feel anxious or overwhelmed. Also, make sure you grab my stress management tip sheet below.

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3 Unintentional Habits that Are Killing Your Confidence.

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Bad habits. Sometimes they are things we don’t even know we’re doing, but are having a negative effect on our self-confidence nonetheless. Now we could go on to hypothesize as where and why and where we picked up these bad habits in the first place, but we’ll save that for another day. For today, let’s just draw our attention to them, and make a concerted effort to get rid of them. Saying sorry all the time. Of course I’m not talking about apologizing if we’ve hurt, offended, inconvenienced, or upset someone (whether intentionally or not), but those [...]

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Why Getting Unsolicited Advice Often Feels Icky.

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Have you ever wondered why it is that most of us think other people want, no NEED our advice and should absolutely do what we say and make the choices we can clearly see are best from them - but then when the tables are turned and they come to us and tell us what to do, or how we should live our lives or what choices WE must make, we get irritated, resistant, frustrated and feel like they "really don't know what they are talking about"?  So we all want to give our golden, must-be-revered [...]

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A Self-Harm FAQ Video Collaboration.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6SF5wQ5H2k A recent collaboration I did with a Mental Health Peer support YouTuber, LikeKristen. This girl is so incredible and inspirational, and such a joy to work with. In the video I answer some of her viewer FAQ's about how to talk to one's therapist about self harm. We hope you find it useful!

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Scott Miller at the CCPA Annual Conference

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of once again hearing Scott Miller present. I won't go into too much detail about what he spoke about, but there was one thing that really stood out for me. He was giving a clinical example with a video of a case he was brought in to consult on. The individual he was called in to work with was a "very challenging case" - a man who had been receiving therapy and support primarily for his alcohol addiction for about 4 years. Now his mental health team was having a really hard time with this gentleman because they could not seem to convince [...]

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