When I hear something once, I listen closely. When I hear something twice, I take note. When I hear something 3 times in one week, I take it as a sign that something bigger needs to be done.

And this is it.

Last week, in my practice I was told on 3 separate occasions by 3 separate clients about how they are feeling discouraged, disillusioned, disgruntled and disappointed with their bosses because they’ve been working really hard and their bosses don’t actually seem to notice.

They feel they’ve been pushing hard, giving extra, and going above and beyond what’s required of them and not once have their bosses demonstrated their appreciation in any way, shape, or form.

Two of the three have actually started to look for other jobs mostly because of this.

For some reason, their bosses can’t or won’t give these hardworking employees a little bit of praise and recognition with a “Good job,” “Thank you,” “That was awesome,” “You are a appreciated and valued here,” or “Your efforts have not been going unnoticed.”

It’s something so simple but it makes a big difference to the person on the receiving end.

All of us want and need to feel appreciated and valued. In our families, with our friends AND in our workplace.

And it’s especially necessary when someone has taken their valuable time, energy, and effort to go above and beyond what’s required or expected of them.

When they’ve given a lot and are pushing themselves they need to be replenished and refueled. And a simple “Thank you” can often provide the amount of fill-up needed to keep them working hard AND feeling good about doing so. Without it, many of us start to feel burnt out.

Now, some of you may already know this and do make the effort to tell your employees that you recognize and value them, and if you are one who does, that is excellent. Good job. You are making a significant and positive difference in people’s lives, and ultimately keeping good employees around to work hard for you. You get it, and that’s great.

But maybe you didn’t know how important this simple little practice was – and now you do.

And maybe you’re a boss who’s been taught or trained to not “spoil” your employees.

So don’t spoil them. Just appreciate them. And tell them you do.

And boss or not, the same goes for your personal life – don’t underestimate the power of the Thank You. Because really, who doesn’t want to feel like someone notices and cares about them and the efforts they are making?