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Julia Kristina is a Vancouver-based Clinical Counsellor Specialized in Treating Anxiety & Overwhelm, Depression & Self-Doubt.


Do You Ever Feel Worried You Might Be Broken?

Ever wonder if you could get past the things preventing you from feeling good about yourself and your life?

If You’re Feeling Any Of These, We Need To Talk
  • Anxious, Worried or Full of Fear 
  • Overwhelmed, Stressed and Like You Can Never Do Enough
  • Unhappy, Unfulfilled & Dissatisfied with Yourself and Your Life
  • Like You’re Not Enough
  • Uncharacteristically Sad, Alone, or Depressed
  • Unclear About Who You Are and If You Have Anything to Offer
  • Frustrated with Not Feeling Heard or Respected
  • Disconnected from the Important People In Your Life
  • Not Sure What You Want to Do with Your Life
It’s Way Past Time You Felt

True Joy and Real Happiness

Strong and Confident

Balanced and At Peace

You are Someone Who Communicates Well and Feels Heard

You Are Someone who Has Deep, Meaningful and Rewarding Relationships

Good About Who You Are

Satisfied and Fulfilled in Your Life

If you are ready to figure out and work through the stuff that’s getting in your way, call or email me right away:


Julia Holds an MA in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor 

*Counselling fees for a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) may qualify for reimbursement with some Extended Health Benefits Plans

**Counselling fees may also be filed in your personal taxes under “Medical Expenses.”

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