The Wisdom to Know the Difference.

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Today I developed a new appreciation for bus drivers. Perhaps it was because during my short 15 minute bus commute to work I saw my bus driver be the direct receiver of other people’s stress and frustration 3 times. Just a guy, doing his job, and doing it well – and all the while being blamed, targeted, held responsible, and insulted for literally doing nothing wrong. I don’t know about you, but I sure couldn’t do that job. All this to say I imagine bus drivers and other individuals in those types of customer service [...]

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Fa la la la la.

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Tis the season to be a little (read: A LOT) more stressed than usual (and for many of us, yes, many lovely emotions do come with the Christmas Season package as well). I read an article recently about stress management and although all of it was really useful, there was one section that stood out for me. It was Stress Management Strategy Number 1: Avoid Unnecessary Stress. A note before we begin: not all stress can (or should) be avoided – many situations DO need to be actively and responsibly addressed. However, there are, in [...]

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Not All Created Equal.

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Continuing with the goal setting discussion, it might not quite cut it to just have goals – to just throw them out there willy nilly and hope they get done. Having some sort of goal design format will make the goal achievement much more likely. One of my favourites is the SMART goal. SMART is a handy little acronym for the 5 characteristics of well planned goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Oriented. Let’s look at this a little more thoroughly. Specific: The goal is clear and unambiguous. What are you going [...]

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It’s About the Journey

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I seem to remember that a couple of years ago the idea of goal setting was all the rage. And now, I don’t really hear people talk about goal setting too too much. Maybe it was just a fad that was all wrapped up with ‘The Secret’ hype…. Remember that film that everyone talked about a few years ago claiming that if you want something just think about it a lot, focus on it constantly, and it will magically happen? I imagine many became disheartened by the paucity of grandiose dreams coming into fruition with [...]

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