Good Fortune.

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Over this past week I have found myself trotting from one thing to the next to the next – perhaps a little too much trotting if you ask me, but needless to say it has been quite the busy week. So much so, that the time to contemplate what I wanted to blog about this week has not so much as entered into my realm of consciousness… until now. Just as I was about to do a little bit of research to find something interesting to write about I pulled out my little after-lunch-sweet-morsel, which [...]

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Under Pressure.

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Here’s a conundrum: What I’m wondering is why we expect ourselves to be perfect when there’s really no such thing? When we do this, we only set ourselves up for a losing battle. Some of us put such high expectations on ourselves – expectations that are rarely, if ever, reachable and then we punish ourselves with feeling like inadequate failures when we can’t possibly reach our pretty much unreachable standards. I’ve talked to people who have almost literally been on the edge of a nervous breakdown because of all of the expectations they have of [...]

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Good for Me – Part Deux

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And now, as promised, here are: The Next  5 Things that Keep Us From Expressing Our Feelings. 6. Low Self-Esteem: You believe that others peoples needs, wants, and expectations are important and valuable, but yours, for some reason, are not. You spend much of your time trying to please others and meet their expectations but rarely, if ever, express your feelings or tell others what you want. *My question here is, if other people’s thoughts, opinions, and preferences matter, then why don’t yours as well? Is there really such a thing as some people being [...]

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Good for Me – Part 1

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So if one of your New Years Resolutions was to take better care of yourself might I suggest something to help in this endeavour from the inside out? I propose this be the year of acknowledging and respecting that you are a valuable, significant, and worthwhile person and as such your thoughts and feelings matter. Now, to start putting some of that money where our mouths are I’m going to share a list of the Top 5 Things that Keep Us From Expressing Our Feelings. The goal is that bringing our awareness to some of [...]

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