Just A Moment.

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I speak and write often of gratitude and of taking time to be grateful because it really is something that is so simple to do and yet so powerful. Being regularly and intentionally grateful for even the small things in life has been shown to significantly impact ones overall happiness and well being. It can often even instantly turn a sour mood into feelings of contentment and joy. It really can make a signficant difference - like I said, it's pretty powerful stuff. So then, I propose we take just a moment right now to [...]

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More Than Words.

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This past weekend I partook in my new Saturday morning yoga ritual at the lovely little yoga studio just down the street from my house. Now I wouldn’t call myself an avid yogi because, to be honest, I often find yoga a little too low key and breathy for my personal preference – I tend to be a mover, a goer, and a doer – which likely means that participating in the slow and steady from time to time is exactly what would be best for me. I digress. Anyway, I have been getting myself [...]

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Something Like a Phenomenon.

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I’m always a bit tickled when the same theme seems to pop up out of nowhere several times within a few days. This weeks theme: The Impostor Phenomenon. Now, what is that you ask? The impostor phenomenon is a thing that's experienced by those who just cannot believe in or take any credit for their successes, abilities, or accomplishments. People who have this experience often attribute their successes to such things to luck, timing, or being really good at faking it and deceiving others into believing they are something they, in fact, are not. This [...]

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There It Is

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I’ve been taking a little time off from the psych literature devouring reading over the last couple of weeks to re-focus my attention on a memoir manuscript written by an incredibly talented young writer that I had put aside a few months ago in order to complete some ‘mandatory work-related reading’. Needless to say then that lately I haven’t been consuming as much mental health and wellness information of which I am all to eager to pass along to you, my good and faithful readers. Thus I felt it necessary to do a bit of [...]