To Be Super Successful Do You Have to Have an Inferiority Complex?

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Well, yes and no. But I’m inclined to think from what I’ve been hearing and reading lately it’s more of a yes. I’m not exactly sure how I'm defining successful here but the more time I spend reading posts on LinkedIn and other business and entrepreneurial type publications the more I keep coming across articles written by those – somewhat semi-famous in their fields -- about how they achieved their major career successes. What I’d been looking for to motivate and inspire I found was often leaving me feeling discouraged and frustrated. This is because [...]

5 Things Emotionally Healthy People Do

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It feels good to feel good. That’s not new ground-breaking information. I know. But many of us look at people who seem to feel good and have it more or less together more or less of the time as being special kinds of people that we could never be. But the truth is, they’re not that special (sorry guys). They’ve just learned, implemented, and intentionally practiced some really healthy perspectives, attitudes, and behaviours that are actually not all that complicated, and do wonders for building and maintaining positive self-esteem and happiness. So here are a [...]

If You’re Feeling Anxious or Worried This Will Help.

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Anxiety is normal – and all of us have felt it to a certain degree at some point – some more than others, but knowing this doesn't exactly make it all that much more pleasant or enjoyable. What we know about anxiety is that it often comes from fear. The fear of something that could or might happen in the future regardless of how likely or realistic it is. But when we're in the middle of feeling that fear, it seems veryreal and actually quite likely to occur. And then sometimes we don’t even know [...]

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3 Lies Perfectionism Wants You To Believe.

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We are somehow becoming a society of people who believe, promote, and encourage the idea that if we want to be seen as successful, worthwhile, and valuable human beings we need to be perfect in every way. For one reason or another there's the idea out there (and in here) that in order to feel really good about who we are we need to be outstanding, awe-inspiring, limitless, totally beyond reproach, and flawless. To say the least. Now that is a LOT of pressure. Trying our darndest to prove to ourselves and others we are [...]