Why We Get Overwhelmed and Frustrated in Our Closest Relationships.

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  For those of you who have ever felt any resentment toward anyone (aka all of us), have you ever wondered why you've felt that way? I mean really thought about why you were feeling resentful toward that person? Often, we think the reason we feel resentment is because other people ask too much of us, or cross our boundaries, or make us feel guilty, or don't do what we want them to do or think they should do. But we get resentful for another reason. And we’ll get to the that, but first, let’s talk [...]

Why You Procrastinate & Are Unproductive.

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Procrastination is a big one. I hear it a lot in my practice and in my personal life because a lot of people struggle with it. And often, when we don’t get things done, when we put stuff off, when we chose to binge watch Netflix or scroll through Facebook for hours on end creeping in on people’s personal lives, by the end of the day we realize we’ve accomplished a big fat nothing, and you and I both know that does not fill us with a whole lot of joy and satisfaction. To go [...]

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Stop Trying To Be So Nice. It’s Making You Miserable.

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By nice, I mean trying so hard to always be pleasant, pleasing, lovely, happy, positive, only doing what other people want you to do, never speaking up for fear of ruffling any feathers, keeping yourself hidden and small behind what you think other people want or expect you of you… nice. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big advocate for treating others with kindness, care, and respect. Be considerate and thoughtful, yes. Only doing or saying or acting in ways we think other people want us to because we want, no we NEED them [...]

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