If You’re Feeling Anxious or Worried This Will Help.

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Anxiety is normal – and all of us have felt it to a certain degree at some point – some more than others, but knowing this doesn't exactly make it all that much more pleasant or enjoyable. What we know about anxiety is that it often comes from fear. The fear of something that could or might happen in the future regardless of how likely or realistic it is. But when we're in the middle of feeling that fear, it seems veryreal and actually quite likely to occur. And then sometimes we don’t even know [...]

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You Are A Lot Tougher Than You Think.

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Remember that time when that thing turned out to be not as bad as you thought it would? AKA – pretty much each and every time with pretty much each and every thing? So what makes us worry our precious heads and hearts to pieces thinking about how things, circumstances, or experiences in our lives could go terribly awry, thereby causing us to lose sleep, fun, relationships and quality of life over? The truth is, if we take a moment and reflect on it, often most situations in our lives go at least somewhat according [...]