Crack Down.

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When New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani embarked on his lofty mission to clean up New York City and tackle its infamously high crime rate one might be surprised to learn that his strategy did not really focus on going after the big time criminals. Instead he began literally cleaning up the city and cracking down hard on the small time offenders. By investing tens of millions into actually cleaning up and revamping the decaying and dangerous subway system he began to create a different expectation for New Yorkers. By ticketing and arresting small time [...]

Don’t Make a Fuss

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For many of us while growing up one of the best days of the year was that one day where the whole world seemed to centre around us, and that day was the ever anticipated birthday. Often the day was filled with cake and friends, parties and gifts, and a general sense of being really special and significant. Then, for some reason, as we got older, usually shortly after leaving our teens or early twenties, the day became less and less special, anticipated, and remarkable... All of a sudden people stopped caring as much that [...]

Alone in a Crowded Room

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The other day on CBC Radio One they were talking about teen depression and how it’s on the rise. Some stats say that approximately 20% of all teens will experience a major depressive episode before they reach their adult years. I find this information quite disturbing and it makes me wonder why? Why, in a nation where the majority of us have way more than anyone could ever want, let alone, need? Where we have freedom, food, and fresh water? Where we have education, elected government, and employment? Where we have safety, social services, and supermarkets? [...]

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