5-Minute Mindfulness Exercise

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https://youtu.be/fRpbPk5rMNo In this video I guide you through a short and effective 5 minute mindfulness meditation exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere.

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What Every Boss Needs to Know (AND Every Person For That Matter).

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When I hear something once, I listen closely. When I hear something twice, I take note. When I hear something 3 times in one week, I take it as a sign that something bigger needs to be done. And this is it. Last week, in my practice I was told on 3 separate occasions by 3 separate clients about how they are feeling discouraged, disillusioned, disgruntled and disappointed with their bosses because they've been working really hard and their bosses don't actually seem to notice. They feel they've been pushing hard, giving extra, and going above [...]

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5 Things That Will Make You More Likeable (to Others AND Yourself).

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I’d say it’s safe to say most of us like being liked. And there are times when maybe we’re not so sure how liked we are and would perhaps like to be a little more liked. I mean really, who doesn’t want to be on the top of the invited-out-for-lunch group at the office? Or the person getting ample calls, texts and emails with requests for weekend plans? Of course, some people are just more likeable by nature – usually those who have a more easygoing or optimistic personality. That said here are some pretty [...]