The Danger Of Taking On Other People’s Problems.

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Have you ever found yourself ready to pull out your hair because “that person just won’t listen to my advice,” or because “don’t they see how much they are hurting themselves by doing that,” or because “I can’t fathom how someone could be so irresponsible – it’s just too much!” But getting all akimbo and kerfuffled like this is almost totally unnecessary. And we do it because we feel responsible for other peoples' problems. We feel like we have to solve their problem or their life for them. We feel like we can’t possibly let [...]

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Why You Get Super Stressed Out & Sometimes Lose Your Sh*t.

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  Have you ever witnessed that classless human being at Starbucks who yells or snarks at the barista for putting whole milk in their 1% latté? Or the crazed maniac who gets cut off in traffic and then lays on their horn, rolls down their window and screams totally appalling words at the hurried perpetrator? Or the sub-par parent who yells and their child in the grocery store line up for whining about not getting to eat every single chocolate bar on the stand in front of them? Okay, truth time. Have you ever been [...]

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Boundary Setting & Effective Communication Skills Bootcamp **CONTEST**

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In case you missed it on Periscope*, Julia Kristina Counselling is holding a contest for 1 exclusive seat in her Boundary Setting and Effective Communication Skills Bootcamp 6-week LIVE virtual coaching group. Contest closes at 2:00 pm PST on Saturday January 16th, 2016. Here are all the ways to get your name in the draw: You get 1 entry for: Visit Julia Kristina's Twitter page found here and RETWEET the official Bootcamp posters on her twitter feed Go to Julia Kristina Counselling’s Facebook Page found HERE and SHARE the Bootcamp posters. There are several posters on both Twitter and [...]

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Not a Four Letter Word

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Here’s a little more on assertiveness. Like I said, I’m a big fan of this one. Learning to be assertive is probably one of the most useful communication tools I can think of. It can strengthen our relationships, reduce stress from conflict or having to “suck it up”, and it generally just makes one a happier person. Part of being assertive is learning how to say no. For many of us, no is basically a four letter word, and we try to avoid it at all cost by employing elaborately worded maybe’s or a yes [...]

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Straight Forward.

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There seems to be a bit of a misconception with some of us that in order to be a “good” or “strong” person we must not react to upsetting interactions with others, be it friends, family members, roommates, coworkers etc. The whole idea of turning the other cheek - meaning that if someone slaps you across the face you are to turn and present the other cheek for them to continue their assault - doesn’t sit well or really actually make that much sense to me. If the alternative is to smack them back, then [...]

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Pressure’s Off.

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“What’s the worst that could happen?” “They could say No.” Doesn’t sound like too big of a deal, but to some, ok I guess to most, “no” is a really hard word to hear. When talking about boundary setting, we need to both give ourselves the freedom to say no and also allow others the same luxury. It can be really hard to hear no, especially if we’re banking on a yes. But maybe, just maybe, that person needs to say no more than we need them to say yes. How to soften the blow [...]

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