A Big Mistake You are Making that is Keeping You Stuck.

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Have you ever convinced yourself not to do that thing that you really need to do, that is good for you, that will help you get closer to your bigger goals, that will give you a deep sense of satisfaction in the end because…. you don’t feel like it right now? And if so, if you do tend to listen to and abide by your feelings in this way, you are making a big mistake. Of course, you are absolutely permitted to feel exactly what it is you are feeling at any given moment on any [...]

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Those Who Pursue Their Dreams and Those Who Don’t: The 3 Big Differences.

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All of us have dreams. But have you ever wondered why some of us pursue them and some don’t? Why do some people get out there and just go for what they want while the rest sit idly by on the sidelines wishing and hoping. Don’t get me wrong, there may be legitimately good reasons why some don’t pursue their dreams, but I have a feeling, no, in fact I know, many people don’t pursue their dreams for not very good reasons. And actually getting out there and pursuing ones dreams is not a matter [...]

Why Envy Might Actually Be Good For You.

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Here’s a question for you: Who do you envy? Now ask yourself: Why do you envy them? And although this is quite an uncomfortable question to ask, it’s actually quite an important one because it can really help you know yourself better. Envy toward something someone else has tells us about something we wish we had. And when we know what that thing is, we can ask ourselves if there’s a way we can have it too. Envy can show us something that’s missing from our lives, or make clear to us some kind of [...]

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15 Inspiring Quotes that Will Make you More Motivated and Grounded.

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I’m not really a quotes type of person – meaning I typically don’t go seeking them out. But I do a lot of reading on psychology, mental health, wellness, and personal development and every once and awhile, something someone has written will just seem to jump out and smack me across the face. I usually take this as a sign that I really must be meant to hear what’s being said so I try to make a habit of writing these little doozies down. Here is my list of both the most recent and most [...]