If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out or ready to lose it for any reason at all, this exercise is for you (it’s my favourite one and I use it all the time).

It’s a quick and easy breathing exercise that is easy to do, simple to remember and is a powerful one for anxiety management, to calm us down, and help us feel more grounded and in control when we are feeling worked up, emotional, or like our head is spinning or our thoughts are swirling.

But why do this breathing exercise as opposed to just sitting and taking a few deep breaths? For 2 reasons:

1. Having someone guide us through a breathing, relaxation or grounding exercise makes us much more likely to actually complete it and thus get all of its benefits.

2. Having something to focus on – which is part of this exercise – keeps us from getting distracted and prevents our minds from wandering so, again, we are actually able to complete the exercise and get the benefits of calming down when we are feeling anxious or full of stress.

This exercise is not only great as an anxiety breathing exercise and stress breathing exercise, but it’s also an effective breathing technique for sleep.

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